As the new season fast approaches, the Club would like to reflect on previous and give sincere thanks to the many players that arrived and contributed to last season’s success in winning the Blaikie Cup, reaching the final of the Centenary Cup and the semi final of the Logan Cup, and that have moved on. Some of the players depart with 2-3 years service and within that time can boast a league title and league cups, as well as the memorable march to the Quarter Finals of the Scottish Amateur Cup. International and Association Select calls and representation can also be added to the list of honours.

In February of this year, with the manager and a number of players leaving unexpectedly, there was a period of turbulence. However, in March, the team was re-energised and found a new level under the tutelage of Graham Ozzy Osborne, with the assistance of Graeme Whyte, and the players that remained loyal to the Club not only found a new desire and passion but were rewarded with silverware and new experiences in the game.

We thank Ozzy and Whytey as well as the following players, who will not only depart as former players but as friends, which is the key foundation and component to any Amateur Club. I’m sure all will reflect on their time at The Thistle as one of their most enjoyable and rewarding in the game, as well as a point in their lives that they can look back upon with fond admiration.

Daniel Russell
David Hogg
Allan Stewart
Ryan Mahoney
Ross Fox
Kenny Knox
Ryan Scott
Mikey Walker
Billy Bauros
Jack Norman
Jason Mackay
Graeme Millar
Stephen Stark
Mark Telfer
Andy Grimshaw

All the very best of wishes lads.


A New Dawn…Exciting news, coverage of new signings for Season 2017-18 and a fresh strategic direction for Linlithgow Thistle to be announced next week, as the Football Club commences its 17th season.

Preseason starts Monday.

We Go Again.