A highly successful Awards event was held on 5th June at Linlithgow Bowling Club.  Tribute was paid to all coaching staff, sponsors and the players for their tremendous efforts over the course of the season.

In addition to the squad being awarded with their much deserved LEAFA Lothian West League Championship medals, individuals recognised by the committee, team mates and visitors to the website as inspirational players within a chosen category, were awarded with the following accolades: 

 Players’ Player of the Year  

The Players’ Player of the Year is the award voted by fellow players.  It is the award that allows each player to recognize and honour the one particular player that has, to the foot soldiers on the field, provided the biggest difference to this season’s results.  Some players gave reasons as to their vote others simply provided a name.  The main reason that this winner received an overwhelming majority of votes is simply due to the match changing goals scored and the never yielding attitude.  His doggedness and tireless performances have inarguably been enhanced with playing alongside an intelligent player and a championship winning squad.  Ladies and Gentlemen, your Players’ Player of the Year for 2009-2010 is Graham Orr.

 Committee Player of the Year 

The Committee Player of the Year is the next award.  This prize has been voted for by the committee of 2009-10 and they have identified someone who inspires, motivates and drives the boys with his on-field tenacity and sheer dedication to the cause.  His commitment was self evident when he would appear at training sessions in driving rain and snow when out injured.  Ignoring medical advice, he was also quick to return to the team to play his part in ensuring our place in the league was in no way compromised.  As well as leading us on the park, he also crossed in a couple of cheeky goals…it’s the baby-faced assassin and our club captain, Wayne Meikle.

 Website Player of the Year

With the ever growing popularity of our website, it was decided to post a poll for all visitors to cast their vote for the player that they believed stood out from the others.  The results made interesting viewing and a number of votes were entered beyond the deadline (which were correctly deducted from the outcomes).  This player has impressed us all with his dog-like attitude and dedication to the team since arriving.  His performances have been consistent and his vision and on-field intelligence has benefitted not only the team but each of us as players.  Some of his goals have been simply mesmerizing and in case you haven’t heard, this chap has won a Scottish Junior Cup… it’s 

Mark Whyte.

Top Goalscorer  

As Top Goalscorer, the winning player for this particular category needs little introduction.  Whether the goals were instinctive, precise or phenomenal, this player scored many crucial goals over the course of the season.  With a stunning tally of over 30 goals last season and a further 28 goals for this season, could you please put your hands together for the on-fire Graham Orr.